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100% online and free

With an internet connection and a computer in hand, you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Real Challenges

Build your portfolio during the training by practicing on real cases and group challenges.

Lessons with experts

Learn from those who practice on a daily basis, receive support from mentors and become part of our community.

Who are we?



Hiring Coders

We are the free, prerequisite-free training programme to teach you programming, digital commerce and how to future-proof your career.

Registration and placement test

Application registration phase! Here you will access our system, make your complete registration and perform your first placement test, which if completed entitles you to the Full Stack training.

Level 1 - Front End

Asynchronous classes, technical lives with expert companies and teachers to answer your questions, about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, among others.

Level 2 - Back End

Asynchronous classes, technical lives with expert companies and teachers to answer your questions, about data, architecture, tests, etc.
At the end of this training you will also pass a technical test that will allow you to go to the next phase of the process.

Level 3 - VTEX IO

In this phase, you specialize in VTEX IO, which is a low-code cloud-native development platform that helps you deliver business solutions faster. From PWA-compliant web shops to custom administration interfaces and back-end integrations, VTEX IO offers an opinionated set of frameworks that allow you to evolve quickly and securely.In addition, here you will get an immersion into AWS, Devops and ecommerce.

Final Level - Challenges

After all these learning steps, it's time to get to know a little more about yourself and how you work in a group. In addition to learning a little more about soft skills, you will also develop a complete ecommerce shop!


Ready for the Next Level

Arriving at the second stage, a new journey begins and you will become part of a special house in our community.

HC Community

Throughout our journey, our community is ready to help you whenever you need it! Whether on Slack or Community, you won't be alone!

Your development in First Place!

In addition to the soft skills modules, Hiring Coders offers you a full-stack training.
Check here the languages and skills we will develop:

Lean Mindset
Digital Skills
Problem Solving
Agile Methodology
Programming Logic
Good Practice
Devops + AWS
Ecommerce projects
Digital Commerce
Soft Skills
Data structure
Fast Store

Why learn programming?

Good salaries

Average salary of


* values based on glassdor.com.br site

Vacancies and opportunities

One of the fastest growing and hiring areas in Brazil and the world! In the next 6 years the market will have more than 420 thousand open positions but with a shortage of trained professionals.

Digital Commerce is the next step in your career!

If you are tired of getting "no" in job interviews or if they don't even call you to advance in the selection processes of the jobs you want.

If you think it's time to change your field and make the career transition to digital.

Sponsors of Hiring Coders:


Logotipo Salvador .tech

100% pronto para o mercado de Tecnologia e Digital Commerce!

Certificates at all stages of the programme!

Hiring Coders Certificate

AWS Certificate

VTEX IO Certificate

What some of our students are saying:

Students' grades for the programme:


Participating in Hiring Coders was an amazing experience not only for all the Full Stack technical knowledge acquired and Soft Skills contents, but also for meeting people from different places.

Felipe de Carvalho
Software Engineer at VTEX

Taking part in Hiring Coders was an incredible experience that provided me with the opportunity to acquire not only technical knowledge, but also to develop and enhance behavioural skills, as well as helping me to get my first job.

Karolina Sena
Dev Front-End JR at Driven.cx

Attending Hiring Coders was an amazing experience. I went in with the intention of improving my already existing knowledge in the area and came out with a baggage far greater than my expectations. It helped me a lot, opening the doors to the fullstack developer opportunity.

Rodrigo Alves
Software Engineer at ACCT

I loved especially the softskills part, if you can throw yourself into the engagement play is the best thing and is the online course that you feel live is very exciting. Participate is super worth it and do everything to go all the way to the end the experience is well worth it.

Mariana de Araujo
Service Provider at JMA Web Services

The experience was complete, from hard skill to soft skill with content that made me a better developer and a more enlightened and empowered person. I felt like I was working in a company acting in a big real project. I learned a lot and still met incredible people. I was very grateful to have participated in this opportunity.

Eduardo Magalhães
Developer at Labora

I gained the biggest baggage of knowledge that a Dev can have. I was one of the finalists of the Hiring Coder 2021 Stage. I got on the radar of recruiters and was able to choose where to work.

Reginaldo Luiz
Full DEV at Think Avanti Technology

Complete. From a tech perspective: the programme provides a solid foundation in a structured way, suitable to put both someone starting from scratch and someone completing their base in a position to go deeper and learn to develop with state-of-the-art technologies on the front- and back-end, training genuine JavaScript Fullstack devs. And that's just the first phase...

From the subsequent perspective: the other knowledge and soft skills required for employability and good performance in a joint development environment are still worked on, everything being put into practice (yes, portfolio!). It's intense but a no-brainer, just sign up!

Vinícius Veloso
Technical Support at VTEX

To prepare and conduct an event with 10 thousand people requires many people, many sleepless hours from each of these people, and a LOT OF COFFEE! haha And just for that the event and those involved already deserve a 10! I really liked to have participated in HC, it was for sure a turning point in my career choice, because it gave me the certainty that this is exactly what I want to do until I get old.

Hugo Leonardo
I'm not working yet

The programme enabled me to develop technical and psychological skills to become the professional I am today. In addition, I was able to share and learn from other people in programming.
It is certainly an experience that opens doors, thus enabling me to grow and show that professional life is not just about winning.
Our team did not win first place, but just the experience of being in the final with amazing people made me feel it was worth it.

Steffany Martins
Internal Frontend Developer at Zee.Dog

It was a unique experience, I loved the courses and the friendships I took from this bootcamp

Christiane Natacha
Student at Fatec

Amei principalmente a parte da softskills, se puder se jogar no engajamento se joga é a melhor coisa e é o curso online que você se sente ao vivo é muito emocionante. Participem vale super a pena e faça de tudo para ir até no fim a experiência é bem válida.

Mariana de Araujo
Prestadora de serviços

I never imagined that I would get so far, thanks to Hiring Coder, I believed again, I had hope, and made a commitment to myself not to give up going to the last second of the program in the face of all obstacles and today it has been 4 months that I start my new career as a developer in one of the largest technology companies focused on digital commerce that is a master partner in first place in the quadrant of VTEX and main sponsor of Hiring Coders. Today I am a developer at ACCT Global and very proud of it.

Jonas Lobo
Dev. Junior at ACCT Global


Frequently Asked Questions

VTEX is a multinational technology company, creator of the global, fully integrated end-to-end commerce platform with native marketplace and OMS capabilities. With this, we help large companies in retail, manufacturing, wholesale, grocery, consumer goods and other industries sell more, operate more efficiently, scale seamlessly and deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

Our modern microservices-based architecture and powerful business and development tools enable VTEX to future-proof our customers' businesses and free them from software upgrades. Major brands, including Sony, Walmart, Whirlpool, Coca-Cola, Stanley Black & Decker, AB InBev, Nestlé and more than 2,500 active online shops in 32 countries, trust VTEX to accelerate and transform their commerce.

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Programme Partner

Logotipo Gama Academy

Launched in March 2016, Gama Academy is a school of technological transformation, and is structured in the creation of educational programs for professions of the future. Its mission is to transform talent in the areas of design, marketing, programming and sales, and connects these professionals to real job opportunities in the digital market.

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